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innovativeness in product creation and setting new trends


Innovativeness in the company's development
(investment in modern technologies)

impossible is nothing

innovativeness in the way employees think

Several key components and definitions contribute to our high standards. With the reservation that these two elements build the Company’s Spirit and form the basis of our Code of Conduct.

  • Professionalism and honesty. We honour commitments towards each other and our shareholders. We talk about true and useful issues. We communicate with each other in an open and transparent manner.

  • Development is the future. We are open to new challenges. We search for the best solutions together.

  • Responsibility, assessment, courage. We take the consequences of our actions. We stand corrected and repair mistakes quickly. We do not take revenge on those who notify an infringement of the law and policy.

  • Expertness. We do what is right and do not split the difference. We avoid even appearances of irregularities.

  • Innovativeness. We think in an unconventional manner, we always find creative solutions.

  • Internationality. We are open to other markets, we think globally and act with respect for local conditions.

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