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Products that we manufacture in our plant are made using modern, proven technologies, years of experience and the huge potential of the company.

Our extraordinary technological facilities allow us to supervise quality at every stage of furniture production and create our own, proprietary solutions in terms of construction and esthetics. Currently, we independently produce most chair and armchair. This is possible due to well-equipped production departments and an experienced team of employees.

The Metal Department

is where the first stage of production takes place when furniture frames are created with the utmost precision thanks to a wholly automated production line. Using CNC machines allows us to precisely set the parameters, it streamlines the production process and ensures consistency. Our machinery includes welding robots, automatic machines for grinding of small elements, cutting fabric and leather, laser cutting and packing as well as bending machines and foaming robots. The produced and properly prepared frame leaves the Metal Department to undergo further stages of the manufacturing process - painting or chrome plating. .

The Paint Shop Department

is composed of two powder paint shops composed of, among other things, a preparatory spraying tunnel, burning and drying furnace, dielectric booths for powder application as well as 450 m and 150 m long chain transporters. "Intelligent” precision applications for powder coatings ensure high efficiency and optimum consumption of utilities alongside with high product quality. All coatings used in the production process have relevant ecological certificates (they do not contain lead nor other substances harmful to human health) and they are abrasion and corrosion resistant.

The Chrome Plating Department

operates in an eco-friendly chrom(III) technology, which is environment and human friendly as it does not contain carcinogenic or mutagenic compounds. The automatic production line is composed of machines for component plating using a suspension method. The efficiency of the chrome plating facility amounts to around 30,000 m2 a month, which translates on average into 160,000 elements. It is possible to use several types of electrolytic coatings, for example shiny and satin chrome. High chroming efficiency of relatively large components (3600x1600x700 mm) makes this department the biggest automated electrolytic line in Central and Eastern Europe.

The Cast Foams Department

deals with casting of polyurethane foams using the injection method. The foams are later used for preparing seats, back rests and other seat elements. Casting machines make it possible to create individually designed, ergonomically shaped and load-resistant components. Foam production consists in combining liquid substances which after complex chemical reactions expand their volume and create a cellular structure and become a material with the proper properties (hardness, density, flexibility and breaking resistance).
Carefully selected parameters influence the quality and comfort of use of the finished product.

The Sewing Department

is where even the most complicated furniture covers are prepared. In the first stage upholstery material is cut on an automatic cutter. The machine cuts particular upholstery fragments in line with the program installed on the computer. Later, particular cover elements land in the capable hands of seamstresses who sew them into one whole.
Foam is inserted into the ready cover the at upholstery station.

The Assembly Department

is where the final stages of finished goods production take place. This is where foams are upholstered and the product is assembled according to the configuration selected by the customer.
The ready and packed product is transported to the warehouse and then straight to the customer.
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